Classics ‘Til Dusk
Happy Hour


The Pitcher Julep

Redemption bourbon, mint, fine sugar, club soda

The Club's Spritz

Aperol, Redemption bourbon, prosecco, club soda, orange zest

Melono Gin 'n' Tonic:

Aviation gin, Midori, London Essence tonic

Molly's Pepino

Tanteo Espero, St. Germaine, Combier, cucumber syrup

French 75

Aviation gin, lemon, simple syrup, champagne


Vida mezcal, grapefruit syrup, Cholula, lime, agave


Choose vodka, or choose tequila, gin, or bourbon for a spin on the classic


Tanteo Espero, grapefruit, lime, agave, sea salt

Tom Collins

Aviation gin, simple syrup, lemon, club soda, cherry