Boss Tweeds Beverage Menu

The Elected Official

An upgraded spicy margarita

Doña Vega mezcal, Herradura reposado, bergamot, jalapeño, fresh cucumber, and citrus, served with a spicy salt


Legal Services

Espresso martini with warm spice and cold cream

Haku Vodka, cold brew coffee, ancho chili, almonds, topped with cardamom crème Chantilly


I See Tresspassers

A sherry cobbler with some added magic

Double oaked Woodford, a blend of sherry, banana, orange, house-made golden bitters


Keep Counting

For those who like to eat their calories, not drink them

Volcan Reposado, guayusa tea, fresh peach, topped with sparkling water


Lady Boss

A fresh and floral spritz

Belvedere Organic, fresh lemongrass, hibiscus, fresh lemon, topped with Chandon sparkling wine with a hint of blackberry


To Have Power, Is To Take It

The best damn gin martini you’ve ever had

Fords Gin, pear brandy, aperitif wine with eucalyptus essence


A Roman Triumph

Twist on an Italian classic spritz

Empirical Symphony 6, Chambord, fresh fig shrub, topped with dry Lambrusco


A Boat Full of Americans

A New World old fashioned

Glenmorangie X, WoodinVille Rye, burnt sugar, blend of bitters and a hint of PX sherry


The Reign of queen dick

A slightly bitter piña colada

Fords gin, elsewhere blood orange, fresh coconut, pineapple, citrus


Willy Megear

Sweet, spice, sour and fire

Diplomatico Reserva, fresh guava, house-made 6 spice agave, blend of citrus torched with cinnamon


I see trespassers

A sherry cobbler with some added magic

Double Oaked Woodford, blend of sherry, banana, orange, house made golden bitters


Bury the votes

An elevated rum sour

Barrel aged bacardi, amaro, roasted almonds, fresh citrus, egg white


Sweet Jesus

A new world cider

Altos tequla, fresh passionfruit, cold pressed applke, lemon, turmeric